Orchestra and Coro of the Torino Peace Arsenal

The Torino Peace Arsenal (Arsenale della Pace) was built in 1983 on the rest of the military arsenal, where many armaments were constructed up until the two last world wars.
The idea of Ernesto Olivero, soul and mind of the Peace Arsenal, was and is to delete famine and wars, to battle the injustices, to involve the youth and to give them the possibility of creating a better present and future.

The work done in these years is demonstrated by the three Arsenals: Torino/Italy, San Paolo/Brazil, Madaba/Giordania and by the schools, the workshops, the welcome, the permanent attention addressed to all who come to the Arsenals.

The mission of the Peace Arsenal through the world is The right done well (il bene fatto bene). Today the Torino Peace Arsenal is a city monastery, a place of meeting for the youth, who want to compare themselves, to discuss and grow up; is a solidarity center; a place of silence and reflection; a cultural center with the Università del Dialogo, the Scuola per Artigiani Restauratori, the Laboratorio del Suono and the Orchestra e Coro dell’Arsenale.

The Orchestra and Coro of the Torino Peace Arsenal was created in 2000 as a youth musicians’ group, directed by Mauro Tabasso, artistic director and residence conductor. Over the next years the Orchestra linked itself with the didactic experience of the music course of the Laboratorio del Suono (the music school of the Peace Arsenal), involving teachers and students.
Today the Orchestra is formed by children, teenagers, young people and some students’ parents that through the music launch to the world the peace message that every day the Arsenal launches.

The Orchestra is the music expression of the Peace Arsenal aims.
The mission in music of the Peace Arsenal Orchestra is competence and ambition to improve and to attain perfection itself.
Two objectives of the artistic organization towards this direction are the didactic-musical developing and the artistic activity.

Important musicians such as Carlo Maria Giulini, Salvatore Accardo, Evelino Pidò, Guido Maria Guida, Ramin Bahrami were guests for stages and workshops. Every year the artistic direction organizes a special event involving a prominent music personality to give the opportunity to Orchestra members to work with great names.

The resulting artistic triumph could be measured by the performance in concert at the Torino Auditorium RAI in 2012, June the 28th La terra trema la solidarietà risponde (The earth shakes the solidarity answers), a fund-raising musical evening for the people of Emilia Romagna earthquake.

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